OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy Review: Ingredients, Before & After

Haircare is one of the essential parts of a beauty routine and something that many of us take for granted. I myself didn’t pay too much attention to my hair until I realized that dry, damaged hair makes my entire appearance look messy. On my search for a perfect hair product, I have discovered the OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy collection that I have decided to try.

What Does It Offer?

OGX is a brand with several lines of hair products, and its Brazilian Keratin Therapy consists of a shampoo and a conditioner that are highly rated and recommended for people with damaged hair.

The entire collection costs around $13, and both products contain a plethora of good ingredients, such as coconut oil and keratin proteins that will soften the hair and make it stronger. At the same time, they will straighten any curls or waves on your hair.

What Is the Product Like?

As always, the first thing you can see is product packaging. Both the shampoo and the conditioner have honey-color packaging with black lettering. While the packaging is pretty, although not too luxurious, it is rather bulky and not really travel-friendly. This isn’t an issue for many people, but if you’re someone who loves to travel, having to repackage them before every trip can be a nuisance. There isn’t a pump on top, which may bother some, but I, personally, really prefer when my shampoos don’t have pumps, as they can malfunction.

The shampoo itself has just the right texture, it isn’t too liquid but it can spread easily. It’s semi-transparent and honey-colored. It smells like coconut, another thing that I don’t really like, but I am aware I am one of the rare people who dislike my products smelling like food. The scent stays for quite a while on the hair, so it’ll smell fresh for a day or two.

My hair is ridiculously thick, yet it only takes two smaller sized blobs of shampoo for my entire scalp. This leaves it squeaky clean and very pretty smelling. One thing I would recommend is letting the shampoo sit for a few minutes on your head before rinsing it out, as this will leave your hair very smooth and gentle to the touch. And don’t worry if your hair feels weird before drying it out. While I have no idea why this happens, it seems to be normal, and your hair will feel great once you blow dry it.

The shampoo effectively smooths down my hair, and it reduces frizz greatly. In the winter months, this is something that I struggle with, so I’m sure to be using this product at least until spring.

As for the conditioner, it has a thicker consistency and it’s much whiter in color, but it smells the same, if not a bit milder. Due to its thickness, I wouldn’t recommend it for people with thin hair, as you might have some issues spreading it around. Still, it does a great job straightening my hair and making it appear much stronger. It doesn’t make my waves entirely straight, but everything looks much more aligned and taken care of. It’s also great to prevent your hair from tangling, which is yet another issue I have.

I haven’t used conditioner without the shampoo, so I won’t claim how well it performs with other brands and products. However, together with the shampoo, it truly makes a difference. My hair tends to look dry and damaged, which is now a thing of the past. And one important detail – none of the products make my hair heavier or leave the feeling of having tons of products on me, something that many other products struggle with.

My biggest complaint would be that I don’t think this will work well on oily hair since it does contain oils. I don’t have the need to wash my hair as often, but this set does shorten the time frame between two washes for a few days. Still, as this is a product intended for dry, damaged, wavy, or curly hair, I don’t think it was ever meant for oily hair. Also, as it contains silicones which tend to damage my hair over time, I don’t think I will be using it for every wash.


This shampoo is filled with many good ingredients; It uses hydrolyzed keratin, which is great for hair straightening and moisturizing. It uses Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, as well as Cocoa Seed Butter, all of which feed your hair and keep it frizz-free. It is lanolin-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, nickel-free, soy-free, and topical antibiotic-free. However, it does contain some dyes, fragrances, and preservatives.

The conditioner has more or less the same ingredients. However, it does contain additional preservatives, such as Methylchloroisothiazolinone. For hair products, however, this is quite standard.

Is It Vegan And Cruelty-Free?

OGX is a brand that claims to not test on animals, however, they do sell in countries where animal testing is mandatory by law, such as mainland China. Because of this, they cannot be considered cruelty-free.

As a result of this, OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy is, sadly, not a cruelty-free or vegan product.

Before And After

The difference in the texture of OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo and conditioner.


For dry, damaged hair, this is easily one of the best drugstore products you can find on the market. It may not be the best choice for someone with oily or fine hair, but it worked great on my thin, wavy hair. It does a great job of softening your hair and preventing it from frizzing. It doesn’t weigh the hair down and it won’t make it oily – in fact, your hair won’t be as oily as after using most other, moisturizing products.

My biggest issue is the large packaging, as I can’t bring them with me to my travels and they take up too much space. Other than that, however, this is one great collection.