Is Unilever Cruelty-Free: Unilever Spends Millions of Euros For Alternatives to Animal Testing

Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company founded in 1929 that currently has headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and London, United Kingdom. It was created when Margarine Unie, a Dutch margarine producer, and Lever Brothers, soap makers from Britain, merged together and created one company. The brand started as a manufacturer of products designed from … Read more

Is Eucerin Cruelty-Free: Look for Another Brand to Love

Eucerin is a skincare company that was founded in 1902. The product that inspired the founding of the brand was an ointment base of the same name created from water, oil and Eucerit, also known as lanolin. A decade later, the brand launched its first products, including iodine crème and loose powder. The brand quickly … Read more

Is ARTDECO Cruelty-Free: ARTDECO Doesn’t Test on Animals

ARTDECO is a German cosmetics brand founded in 1985 by Helmut Baurecht. The brand is created with the idea to promote individualism and uniqueness by producing quality products at reasonable prices. ARTDECO tries to empower modern women and to help them customize their looks. ARTDECO is a family-run business based in a town near Munich. … Read more

Is Biotherm Cruelty-Free: Biotherm Doesn’t Have an Official Animal Testing Policy

Biotherm is a skincare company that was officially founded by biologist Jos Julien in 1952 in France. Biotherm has its origins in the mineral thermal spring located under Pyrenees Mountain. The spring contained thermal plankton, which is claimed to be essential for healthy skin. Biotherm, in fact, is a combination of biologists and thermal.  The brand started with … Read more

Is Manhattan Cruelty-Free: Read on to Find Out

Manhattan is a German cosmetics brand that was founded in 1964 by Dr. Hans Ulrich Scheller. The brand was named by a well-known district in New York, USA, famous for its fashion and diversity. The brand started small but quickly expanded and became well-loved and praised amongst beauty professionals and makeup lovers alike. The brand … Read more

Is Avene Cruelty-Free: Avene’s Products are Mostly Vegan But…

Avene is a skincare brand that was officially founded in 1975 when Pierre Fabre Laboratories bought the Hydrotherapy Center on the Avene Thermal Spring. Avene Thermal Springs lies on the banks of Orb River, located in southern France. The Thermal Spring is known ever since the 18th century as being therapeutic for people suffering from … Read more

Is Babor Cruelty-Free: Babor Has a Wide Range of Vegan Products

Babor Cosmetics is an independent skincare brand founded in 1956, when a chemist Michael Babor developed a unique cleanser, HY-OL. The brand quickly expanded into other skincare products, which are created with various skin types in mind. In the 1980s, the company became international and opened its first in-house training center. About a decade later, … Read more

Is Vichy Cruelty-Free: Vichy Doesn’t Test on Animals by Itself…

Vichy is a cosmetics and skincare brand founded in 1931 by Dr. Haller, a medical director of a SPA treatment center that was located in Vichy, France. Dr. Haller claimed that only people with healthy skin could be considered truly beautiful. Dr. Haller used Vichy Thermal Water to create products for healthier skin. Vichy uses … Read more