NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Review: Ingredients, Before & After

Perfect long-lasting lipsticks can be challenging to find. Matte liquid lipsticks have been my first choice, especially when I have to wear a mask most of the time. However, finding a lipstick in unusual colors can be even trickier – and NYX Liquid Suede should provide just that. I have decided to test it for myself.

What Does It Offer?

NYX Liquid Suede is supposed to be matte but not drying liquid lipstick that comes in many vibrant colors. Unlike many matte lipsticks, it should be soft like velvet, so much that you’ll hardly feel it. Also, it’s waterproof and long-lasting.

Liquid Suede has 24 colors that you can’t really find in many other brands. It comes in strikingly purple, blue, orange, even dark gray. This makes it rather unique, and it stands out from many other lipstick lines that come in standard nude, pink, and red shades.

What Is the Product Like?

These lipsticks come in pretty ordinary packaging. It’s plastic and non-transparent, colored in the shade of the lipstick. To be honest, it’s pretty cheap looking. There’s even no way to know whether you’re running out of product. Still, for a drugstore, $7 lipstick, this is expected, and the quality is what should really matter.

I got the lipstick in two colors, Sandstorm, and Stone Fox, just to see if the performance changes between dark and more nude shades – even though no color from the Liquid Suede collection can really be considered ‘nude.’

Immediately after swatching the lipsticks, I could notice a considerable application difference. Stone Fox is thick and pigmented, and just one swipe goes a long way. Sandstorm, on the other hand, is somewhat thin and very runny. This makes it easier to spread than Stone Fox, and if you make a mistake, you can clean it more easily. Stone Fox is difficult to layer, but there’s no really need to use any more than one swipe. It covers the color of your lips perfectly.

The formula is flexible with both shades. It dries to look matte, but it stretches with your lips, and it won’t crack even if you’re smiling. Many matte liquid lipsticks dry your lips, break, and just look bad in any way possible. With Liquid Suede, I didn’t have these issues, and the lips remained a bit tacky. However, there are some other problems that I have noticed.

Maintenance-wise, Sandstorm is way easier to have on your lips. It does fade a bit after a few minutes, but it doesn’t transfer too much. Some staining can be noticed on the towel, but it’s much better than many other similar products. You need to reapply it every hour or two, and I suggest you use a lip balm, as it will dry your lips after some time. Still, this isn’t too bad. All in all, I can wear it for up to three hours without too many problems.

Stone Fox is a whole other story. While the application is a bit easier and the color is amazing, it seems like this formula never dries completely. This has its advantages, as it won’t fade or dry your lips as much as Sandstorm. However, the color bleeds a bit, and you have to shape your lips with a concealer to prevent this from happening – and even this isn’t a guaranty. And the color transfers – a lot. I am not sure whether the pigment keeps everything from staying in place, but you will have a problem with doing anything that includes your lips. At the same time, this shade can stay on your lips for much longer. It lasted more than six hours, and I only needed to reapply it in the center of my lips. Keep in mind that I wasn’t eating, kissing, or touching my lips in any way. The color won’t go away from your lips that easily, but you will stain everything while creating a mess on your face.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about this product. In some way, I can’t ignore that the formula needs to be worked on, especially with the shades similar to Stone Fox. It isn’t long-lasting, and it doesn’t behave in a way matte lipsticks should.

At the same time, the colors are really amazing. I have never seen such a unique color palette, and despite all the hardships, I still kinda like the Stone Fox one. Sandstorm is excellent, as well, as long as you have the time to reapply it. I believe that I will be reaching for the Stone Fox shade in the future – I’ll just make sure that I am not eating or drinking anything in public!


Ingredient-wise, this lipstick is really looking good. There is nothing harmful in it, and the lipstick doesn’t contain any fragrances or alcohol. It contains kaolin, a type of clay that is typically used for face masks and is great for sensitive skin. There is a small amount of Avocado and Olive oils, as well as Glycerin, which is a well-known moisturizer. Like most liquid lipsticks, it contains petroleum jelly, as well. All in all, this is a good combination of ingredients.

Before and After

Sandstorm is a pretty, orange color that is one of the more neutral shades in the collection.

Stone Fox is an intense, bluish-grey shade that is pretty unique.

Just one of the looks that you can create with Sandstorm lipstick shade.

Is It Vegan And Cruelty-Free?

NYX is a cruelty-free drugstore brand. No animals were harmed in creating any of its products, and the same goes for Liquid Suede. However, Liquid Suede isn’t a vegan product, as it contains some animal-derived ingredients and animal by-products, such as petroleum jelly.


All in all, Liquid Suede is a pretty fine lipstick, especially considering its price. It has some flaws, especially with more intense shades; however, the color payoff makes up for that. The quality and formulation depend on the shade, so chances are you’ll like some colors better than the others. As I haven’t been able to find so many unique shades of lipstick that are good, I do recommend giving Liquid Suede a try.

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