Is Becca Cruelty-Free: Becca Is Cruelty-Free But Owned By Estee Lauder

Becca Cosmetics is a beauty brand that was founded in 2001 in Perth, Australia. Its mission was to create glowing complexion products for all skin types and colors. The brand claims to be inspired by Australia’s glow, which is why it uses light as its central point. Most of its products are focused on creating illuminating effects.

Becca is mostly known thanks to its social media influence. Its collaboration with the famous Instagram and YouTube beauty influencer, Jaclyn Hill, was considered some of the most successful makeup collaborations of all time. In just 20 minutes, Becca sold out all 25,000 of its Champagne Pop highlighters in Sephora! This increased the brand’s popularity, giving it worldwide fame. Becca went on to have several dramas about its future collaborations with Jaclyn Hill, but nothing could damage its reputation.

Ever since its founding, Becca was a part of several charities. Most notably, it donated a sum of money to the JED Foundation in July 2020.

The brand’s products can be bought online or in various retailers worldwide, most notably at Sephora.

Is Becca Cruelty-Free?

Not sold in China? Yes
PETA Certified Yes
Leaping Bunny Certified No(*)
Has vegan products Yes
Not owned by a Parent Company that does Animal Testing? No

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Yes, Becca is a cruelty-free brand.

Becca doesn’t test any of its finished products on animals. Similarly, none of its ingredients or formulations are tested on animals. The brand doesn’t pay for third-party testing, and all of its suppliers are cruelty-free. Also, Becca doesn’t sell its products in countries where animal testing is mandatory for imported products.

Becca is certified by PETA, although it doesn’t have the Leaping Bunny label. As becoming a part of any of these two programs is voluntary, this doesn’t raise any red flags.

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Are Becca products sold in China?

No, Becca doesn’t sell its products in stores in mainland China.

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What is the Deal with China?

Even though animal testing is proven to be an unnecessary and unethical practice, some countries still require it by law. This is the case with the second-biggest market in the world, China.

China requires any beauty product to be tested on animals before allowing importation and being sold in Chinese stores. Any company or brand that makes the decision to sell in China has also decided to test on animals – either by themselves or, usually, by paying a third-party company to test on their behalf. This is the main reason why a lot of brands can’t achieve a true cruelty-free status. After growing public outrage, China did lift some regulations in 2014, which allowed certain beauty products, such as shampoos and other skincare items, to be imported without testing, but this is still a small percentage.

A lot of brands that claim to be cruelty-free are being misleading thanks to these laws. Even if a brand doesn’t conduct animal testing on its own, by deciding to take the opportunity and sell in countries such as China, it is allowing a third-party to test the final product on animals. This is why PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program have forbidden brands that they certify to expand their market in this direction – and rightfully so.

A lot of companies are working with the Chinese government on lifting these regulations, and legislation was proposed in 2019 that should stop mandatory animal testing. However until today, no substantial progress has been made in this regard, we continue to wait patiently.


Is Becca Vegan?

Becca is not a 100% vegan brand, as most of its products contain some form of animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products. However, the brand has a vast list of vegan products, and all of them are labeled appropriately.

Who owns Becca and does the parent company test on animals?

In 2016, beauty company Estee Lauder acquired Becca, becoming its official parent company. Estee Lauder is not cruelty-free, even though some of the brands it owns are. Some people don’t agree on supporting brands owned by a company that tests on animals. The decision on whether you want to buy Becca’s products considering its parent company is entirely up to you.

What products does Becca sell?

Becca focuses on all skin tones and skin types, which means its products are versatile in colors and shades. The brand is well-known for its illuminators and shimmering pressed powders, which were considered #1 highlighters in the US.

Other than highlighters and illuminators, Becca sells other makeup items, such as foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and concealers. The brand has been praised for its versatility. According to its founder, in 2017, around 48% of Becca’s consumers were older than 35 – which is unexpected, considering the brand gained popularity on social media platforms.

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