Is Heinz Ketchup Vegan? Let’s Find Out


Ketchup is one of, if not the most popular condiment on the planet. It’s a versatile ingredient that is used in convenient fast foods as well as hearty meals. But with veganism currently on the rise, ketchup has been flagged as a food that is potentially off limits for vegans. This can be confusing to … Read more

Is Vegan Cheese Healthy: Compared to Regular Cheese


Millions of people around the world are awakening to a new awareness that what we put in our bodies can have a drastic effect on our overall well-being. With an uptick in long-term diseases and no end in sight, many people are swapping out meat, dairy, and processed foods for a more natural, plant-based diet. … Read more

What Is Pashmina and What is it Made of?

Goats on the Rocks

When cold weather hits, you need to keep warm. Many people wear multiple layers to stave off catching a cold or the flu during the winter months. While there are plenty of natural fabrics that are used in the making of warm garments (ie. cotton, linen), high-end fabrics also exist and provide a warmer, more … Read more

Is Vegan Dairy Free: Vegan vs. Dairy-Free vs. Non-Dairy


As illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and cancer are all reaching levels unheard of in previous generations, people today are expanding their awareness when it comes to healthy living. Through scientific research, there have been a number of reports that link the rise of these diseases to a sedentary lifestyle as well as an unhealthy … Read more